Flickr Finds Africa: Week 02.22.10

Good morning! Before I really weigh in on my weekend, I wanted to start off the day with Flickr Finds Africa photographer, artist and zoologist Kibuyu. Often images of "nature" in Tanzania is focused on the fauna coming out of the Serengeti. Yet, this collection of Tanzanian flora reminds me of how much beauty lies within this aspect of the country and continent. I remember times walking in the countryside of Sudan or Mozambique or Tanzania where I would completely struck by plants I have never seen anywhere else. In fact, I distinctly remember the first time I really fell in love with wildflowers. I was on a bumpy road in southern Sudan after the rainy season when everything was in full bloom and it was literally like watching a slow-motion video of one beautiful plant followed by the next all just swaying in the afternoon breeze! I also remember the first time I ever noticed cotton while on the back of a bike in northern Uganda. I was so fascinated I stopped to get a closer look and pick one (while the farmer was confused on why I was looking at his crop so intensely). Kibuyu's images captures these plants in such amazing detail, setting them against the black backdrop that allows them to be the complete focus of the viewers attention.

Have you ever been moved by a beautiful plant or photography of plants?

{Photos: Kibuyu}

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