The Bucolic Life

I can't express how glad I am that this day is almost over! I'm in Ohio with my mom who recently had surgery (successfully) and between helping her and keeping up with work, today has just been a little hectic. But....there were at least two wonderful things about today:

1) The weather was straight from heaven! The sun was beaming, there was not a cloud in the sky, I got to be outside in a t-shirt and shoes free. It doesn't get any better. :)

2) I am finally seeing Ohio through a camera's eye and what I see is beautiful. I say finally because my mom has been living here since my senior year of high school (I stayed on the East Coast as I was a boarding student) and Ohio was always just somewhere far far away where I didn't know anyone and had to spend school vacations. But driving around these last few days, I've looked at the quite countryside, farms home and barn rolling in one after the other with a new found appreciation for their beauty. Even though I left my real cameras at home, at least my iPhone is coming through for me.

See you tomorrow!

(Photo: Brandie)

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