Tuesday's Design: Africa Meets Neon

As one would expect, I try my hardest to keep this blog about Africa as the title would suggest, so while German stylist Irina Graewe has been on my radar and making the blogosphere rounds for a few years, it's been her Africa Meets Neon series that really got me excited as I could share her wonderful work with you!

For this series she has combined two of my most favorite things: fun African wax prints and abandoned spaces. I was really curious as to what inspired Irina for this series so I got in touch with her and this is what she had to say....

"Same as you I've also been a huge fan of wax prints for a long time, but never really had the chance to produce a series with them until last year! I spent some months traveling in order to do some free work. I did some research for locations and found the location where we ended up shooting the story.

Even though the location has more of a 'Cuban' feel to it, the colours, the light and the different rooms (and also the change of colour if you look from one room to another) of the location inspired me so much to do something there with the African Wax Prints. In order to give it a different twist, I was always confident that I don't want to shoot these fabrics in a 'typical' African environment. In addition to that, I wanted to add a 'modern' touch and had the idea of combining the fabrics with neon colours, which I think worked out really well. I thought that that would be a nice 'twist' to the story and that those two themes (Africa and neon) would complement each other well."

As with most creative individuals, Irina says her process is very intuitive. Whether using wax prints as tablecloth, couch or chair cover, hung against the wall, or for umbrellas...these patterns really are so vibrant and Irina shows them in a very unique and fun way!

Definitely check out her website to see the rest of this series as well as more work from this talented stylist.

:: Thanks Irina ::

{Photos: Irina Graewe}

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I love the second photo. This is awesome.