Nicaragua & Concert Highlights!

I'm not going to dwell too much on my trip last week since I was all over twitter about it, but I will say that it was AMAZING!! First, I got to do something new in terms of work and even though the trip means a lot of long nights ahead this week, I was very excited to try something challenging and hope to do more related work in the future. Second, I got to go to a whole new country that wasn't so much on my radar! I really really love traveling and trips like this constantly remind me why I need to get out there in the world even more. Third, even though I only had a few hours of free time on Friday before I flew back to the U.S. I literally packed a whole lotta punch into the time I had! That meant I had a dash through the local market where I found such great deals. Then I was off to the nearby colonial city of Granada. Half way through the tour of the city, I did a little boat trip to see a string of tiny islands which were amazing and totally had me plotting to buy myself a little island whenever I come into a whole lot of money. Once the tour of the city was done, I headed back in city and went to the shopping center where stunning pieces by Brazilian and other Latin American designers lined the shelves (but the prices were a little too rich for my wallet).

As if my time in Nicaragua wasn't already amazing, I came back to DC in time to go to an Angelique Kidjo concert which was beyond amazing! I mean, we were on the stage with this lady singing and dancing. Her voice and just overall vibe is just beautiful. I can't wait for her new album...she sang a few songs from it and I can promise you that it is HOT!

Anyway...check out my flickr photostream to see more pics of my trip and one of my close up shots of Ms. Kidjo.

{Photos: Brandie}

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