From DRC to Barneys

I was flipping through the new issue of Lonny magazine the other night and obviously stopped when I saw this image from the Lauren Pierce collection. The designer is Lauren Bush. Yes people same Bush of the Republican line of presidents. I know, never thought I'd be blogging about a Bush, but let's be honest - the clothes are HOT!

Lauren partnered up with Women for Women International and works with women in the DRC to create these beautiful hand-dyed fabrics for her Spring 2009 collection (yes, that means you too can run to the nearest Barneys and easily drop anywhere from $200-$900 for these hot numbers). And of course a portion (10%) of the profits goes right back to the women for support and vocational training. I'm so all over the first dress and that cape is so stylish I can't get over it!

{Photos: Lauren Pierce}

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