Tuesday's Design: Ijorere

When it comes to anything formal (or even informal) that might involve an invitation here is the lay of my land:

Currently: Brandie, even with the best intentions, can barely handle Evite let alone real invitations.

One day: Brandie who carefully plans social events and has beautifully designed invitations that leave her guests speechless looking for that frame to hang up said stunning invitation to be admired forever and always.

How will I get between my current state and the goal, you ask?!? Well to be honest, I'm not sure I'll ever get there, BUT these invitations by Nigerian-American designer Ola-Tokunbo, the creative force behind Ijorere, are exactly what I need to take me in the right direction. These invitations are simple and elegant while bringing in a very distinct African pizzazz that I'm loving. With the gazillions of dollars that people spend on invitations (think wedding industry, baby showers, funerals, etc), I'm so glad that Ijorere offers up a collection that brings a little bit of Africa to these major life events.

So when was the last time you received a pretty invitation to an event? What made the invitation memorable?

{Photos: Ijorere}


Fri at WEDDING NOUVEAU said...

oh yes, I LOVE IJORERE. her work never disappoints.

urbancasita.com said...

These are breathtaking! I wish I had an event coming up to use them for... hmm, maybe I will have to invent one.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I just noticed! Thx Brandie for blogging about IJORERE The Invitation :-)