Sounds of Africa: Zaho

One thing you may have noticed on this blog is that I certainly don't need to understand a single word someone is singing for me to total jam out to their beats. Today is no different with this number by Algerian hip-hop artist Zaho who sings in both French and her the Algerian dialect of her town (talk about keeping the linguistics alive)! She has collaborated with some of the hottest artists and producers out there now including Akon, Timbaland, and Sean Paul and that's just the short list.

Looking for more? Check out this video of her trip to the Ivory Coast, or the popular Kif N Dir, the Hold My Hand song with Sean Paul and this video also has French/Moroccan rap artist Kamelancien and Haitian/French rapper Alibi Montana which I also love.

{Photo: Zaho}

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