Flickr Finds Africa: Week 05.17.10

Good morning to a whole new week! How was your weekend? I spent a big chunk of mine doing computer-based work and looking into the "backscreen" of a website which I don't usually do when I'm not writing a blog post. It's such a weird, complicated, yet amazing place and one thing I absolutely love is that it is constantly changing at the speed of light and coming up with newer, more brilliant stuff for all of us to play with (even to the distraction of doing a whole bunch of other things that we should be doing instead)!

One such technology is Poladroid and even though it's been out since 2008, it is obviously still "new" to me. If it's new to you too, here's the gist. You download the camera to your computer, drag over whatever picture you have, and the camera converts it to a polaroid. The cool part is that you can also stop the development of the picture at any stage to get the effect that you want. Going through their 73k+ image pool on Flickr is just so much fun. Here are a few of my favorites images of Africa (Senegal, Morocco, and South Africa) done with Poladroid.

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