Sounds of Africa: Oh Africa

Yay - it's music day here on Out & About Africa! It's amazing how excited I get every Thursday night (or bright and early Friday morning) when I get to listen to African artists left and right to decide what to play for you on Sounds Of Africa. As you know by now, I'm am more than just a little excited about the upcoming Fifa World Cup games in South Africa and of course music is a big part of the whole show. New songs seem to be popping up all the time in preparation and today we're going to listen to this fun beat by Senegalese/American artist Akon.

Doesn't that just transport you to dancing in a crowd of gazillions in a huge stadium?!? Even if the song isn't for you, can we all agree that this video are AMAZING?!? You know I love me a whole lot of color so this video was right up my alley!

{Have a great weekend}

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Azara said...

We are the world! African Version..