Weekend in Review

Good morning!

I'm still in shock that today is already Tuesday! It's so great and natural to have a long weekend. How the work-week if 5 whole days instead of 4 is really beyond me. My weekend was so calm and wonderful it is truly sad to see it come to an end.

The highlights of the weekend included:

Prairie Home Companion: For all you fellow lovers of all things on NPR, you know I was completely psyched to get the last tickets to see the live recording of this fabulous show with Garrison Keillor. I admit that I don't often get to listen to the show which broadcasts on Saturday nights, but whenever I do, I just love every minute of it. The fact that I got to spend a wonderful evening on my favorite lawn chair on a beautiful night just listening to Keillor, Tom Rush, Dave Rawlings Machine and the entire Prairie Home team was just pure magic!

Painting: There was lots of time spent painting which I love doing more and more with each passing day. It was especially great to be able to take everything off my kitchen table where I'm currently stationed and paint on the porch in the fresh air.

National Gallery of Art: Feeling very inspired on Sunday, I pulled my act together and headed to the National Gallery and spent an amazing afternoon in awe of such great works of art. The Chester Dale Collection is so worthy (despite the massive crowds) and I found new appreciation for works by Modigliani, Derain, Ernst Kirchner, Maurice de Vlaminck, and the wonderful The Port of La Ciotat by Braque.

As if all this wasn't fun enough, there was also a delicious brunch with a cousin I hadn't seen in a while, little naps, sleeping in, a seafood grilling feast with friends, and breathlessly finishing my first 80 minute run! Honestly, it was just the type of weekend I needed, calm, restful, yet full of friends and fun.

How was your long weekend if your in the U.S. or weekend if you elsewhere?

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