Tuesday's Design: Tucker Robbins

While the name "Tucker Robbins" may not immediately strike any relations to Africa at first thought, I'm here to tell you that this New York furniture designer is all about really studying the materials and history behind African crafts, working with local craftsmen and coming up with designs that are modern while still maintaining their cultural heritage and uniqueness. The fac that these stunning pieces of art happen to be practical enough for you to use in your daily lives (should your pockets be deep enough) just makes it all the better. Here are a few pieces done that really stood out to me:
Senufo Beds - oh how I want thee

Cameroonian Copper Anklets turned table accessory
Circle of Life stool

You can also find Kuba cloth designs, feather headdresses, and more designs, made in Africa at Tucker Robbins.

{Photos: Tucker Robbins}

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3pieceonline said...

These are wonderful especially that daybed.