AFW SS 2010/2011 - Abigail Betz

Africa Fashion Week was held last week and while keeping track of soccer goals, tennis games, and staying as cool as possible, I also had my eye on the fashions bursting from the runways. So today's posts are all going to be focused on some of my very favorite looks that I just had to share with you.

To get things warmed up, I'm going to start with these lovely pieces by Abigail Betz. She is one of the designers that I always look forward to seeing because her clothes are so simple and pretty and elegant. She focuses a lot on bridal wear, but I found a few pieces that I would love to just wear. I'd find a way to make them wearable on a non-wedding day! Whenever I see a collection of hers, I'm reminded how much I just need a white dress for the summer and I'd gladly take anyone of these!

{Photos: iFashion}

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