Tuesday's Design - Anthro Gets Inspired

Right now, Anthropologie is all about the West African inspiration. First, let's talk about these Queen Anne wingback chairs covered in wax print fabric. Can we just count the ways that I love these? Needless to say they require a very neutral room where they can be the starlet of the show. How much would I love to decorate an entire room around one of these. I would go for the one on the far right and make sure there were a lot of mid-century decor (a la Mad Men/ Revolutionary Road) mixed in as I would love the curviness of the chair and the bold print against the sleekness of that period. I am so curious to know which segment of their clientele is going to run after this.

Oh but wait, the awesome chair makeover isn't enough?! Well check out these 'Yoruba' inspired beddings. I'm not sure why this line was called "Yoruba" as I have no idea where the link is to Yoruba people. I'm actually still debating whether randomly namely your collection after one of many African people who love wax printed fabrics is better or worse than using the ever-so-distasteful "tribal" word so frequently used in the fashion industry! What do you think?

In any case, I love it all! Bright, colorful, and lively, all of this would fit perfectly in my world (whenever I finally hit the jackpot). Would any of these pieces fit in with your home design? How would you make any of these (made over chairs or bed linings) work in a room?

{Photos: Anthropologie}

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Uzo said...

I'm torn. I like the concept of african pieces for the home that are more easily accessible - try traveling with two large masks and several paintings in your suitcase and you truly begin to appreciate accessibility. But accessibility comes at a price (1) I absolutely love the chairs but wish the beddings were simpler it feels like Anthropology is trying to throw everything in at once at the beddings, but that I recognize may just be my taste but more importantly (2) how is a "yoruba" pillow made of "kente cloth" (see website description)? Certainly torn -- stuff like that is bothersome, so I'm going to hold off on buying a Yoruba Kente cloth pillow (not that I can afford it). But I hope it sets off sparks of ideas and the confidence of marketability.