AFW SS 2010/2011 - Thula Sindi

To wrap things up for today, I wanted to share with you these lovely dresses from Thula Sindi. I tend to look nice in full skirts so obviously I'm loving these two skirts...

but I'm always a fan for something that shows off a woman's curves so this printed dress is perfect for me. While these "oops, I can't bend down to pick up my dropped pen" style dresses are not for the curvaceous, I still really love this little pink dress, especially those huge sleeves.

Finally, I'm not a big "ruffles on the top" kind of girl but something about these last two looks are fun. Maybe it's the wonderful paint stained black dress with the combination or blue and orange that I'm loving. Or the sheer black sweater (that would certainly not beat the tundra that is my office in the summer) with this great mustard dress. Either way, this designer definitely had a lot of pieces that I would love to have in my closet.

{Photos: iFashion}

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First thing's first....KUDOS to the new blog look. Sorry I'm a little tardy with the compliment, as I've been on the road. LOVE your new layout. Secondly, I love that you've got madness to your reading...or that you read, period. I'm sure you're well aware of readers (for blogs as well) that are just interested in pretty pictures...so thanks for actually reading the body. Have a lovely week.