Weekend in Review

Ahhh, yet another weekend has quickly come and gone! Did you have a good time? Mine was a combination of rest and fun with a lot of learning mixed in, which is exactly how a weekend should be spent. Here are a few highlights...
  • Making dinner for a friend and her husband who I haven't seen in a long time. I got to meet their little son and also learned that she is pregnant with a second child. I love those moments when you look at love ones, see just how happy they are in their lives with their partners, and get filled with joy on their behalf.
  • Sleeping more than 12 hours straight. I know, insanity, but I clearly needed the rest and it felt so good to not be disturbed by an alarm.
  • Finally picking up some much needed cycling shorts to make long rides more comfortable.
  • A long bike ride - 25 miles - despite 90+ degrees outside. The more I ride the more I get anxious for my next bike upgrade to this haute couture of bikes!! Needless to say, a massive savings campaign is underway.
  • Hitting the D.C. nightlife as if I were in my 20s again and living through the college experience in a way (read: bar crawl) I never did during those years in Boston.
  • After a night partying like it was 1999, a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon was a direct gift from the gods above!
  • Ending the weekend by making a 3-course meal! Simple kasha salad that is my new favorite summer dish + Feta, Mushroom, Turkey Bacon Quiche (something I haven't indulged in over 3 months) + Tropical fruit salad with Tahitian vanilla ice cream. One word for all of that: YUMMY!!
So what were some of the highlights of your weekend?

{Photos: Steven Ford + unknown}

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