CT Fashion Week Roundup

Cape Town Fashion Week. I was really psyched about the shows and seeing what some of my favorite designers would be offering. I finally got the chance to go through all that was was rocked on the runway and to be honest, I felt a bit underwhelmed. I always look for clothing that really feel special and that stand out in a creative way while maintaining a wearable look and feel about them. Even though I was slightly less than impressed, there are clearly a few numbers that really caught my eye....
Stoned Cherrie is definitely among them with her amazing patterns and bright colored clothes. Interestingly enough, she was one of the very few designers (if not the only one) that used wax print.
This dress by Doreen Southwood was also among my favorites. While I wish the top was more fitted and maybe sleeveless, the skirt is so amazing! I think it would be very hard not to feel pretty special in this dress.

Very few South African fashion shows can go by without Kluk CGDT putting out a few crowd pleasers. This one really stood out for it's bohemian glamour feel. Even the head wreath, which I would rarely support unless one is a Hans Silvester subject, goes really well with the entire look.

{Photos: iFashion}

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Ali la Loca said...

I always love Stoned Cherrie...and am totally coveting those white/grayish? dresses at the bottom of the post. So divine!