Morocco in Vogue

Both literally and figuratively, Morocco is so in Vogue these days! Not only do you see fashion inspired by Moroccan culture hitting the latest fashion runways, you also can find entire fashion crews packing up and heading over to do fashion shoots. While the stylist of this Vogue Paris shoot may have stuck to the cliche of "Morocco = woman with covered hair," I can't say that even that simple style, coupled with the ancient narrow streets and markets doesn't translate into the glamour that has been defined by Vogue over the decades.

While absolutely loving the glamour of it all, so many questions always pops into my head when I see shoots like this such as "couldn't they find North African models" and "aren't there modern aspects of Moroccan lifestyle that could be portrayed instead?" But having seen The September Issue, I quickly have to remind myself that this is a BIG business that has a whole lot of nothing to do with political correctness or dispelling of established cliches. If anything, the business seems to encourage those cliches among readers who haven't had the opportunity to see countries such as Morocco and to establish their own understanding of those cultures.

That said, what's your take on fashion shoots like these? Are you a even a Vogue reader?

{Photos: Rock the Trend}

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Kathleen said...

Great Observation. I always note such annoying occurrences here and there..and just bite my tongue. I really do not read vogue i flip thru the editorials...aaarghh...they all just annoy me!
Especially when us Africans ourselves line up and protest the rejection of a Vogue Africa, which i must admit i am happy about..we can do better, make our own! DRUM magazine thrived during Aparatheid now we are begging Conde Nast to include us whilst they clearly haven't for the last 85 or so years...shenanigans!