Tuesday's Design: Proud & Skinny

Looking through the blog the other day, I realized how long it's been since I last wrote about my absolutely most favorite of topics: textiles. This isn't a reflect of how little I think about fun fabric designs because in reality, not a day goes by when I'm not being inspired by at least one textile design from some far-fetched part of the globe or even just next door. I usually tend to favor the intricate, colorful, and uber complicated to make designs, but recently my eye has turned to lovely simple designs. With that in mind, you can easily see why I'm loving the new collection (images 1 & 3) by Heather Moore of skinny laminx and the designs by Proud Mary. Heather is a South African designer who I've blogged about before and is also the voice behind the Elle Decoration SA blog. Proud Mary is a U.S. based company that works with women's collectives in South Africa and Guatemala. Their current collection (image 2) are potato blocked designs that are absolutely stunning.

Both of these companies showcase a modern look at design ideas coming out of Africa and remind me that there is just so much more beyond the traditional textiles that are already known from throughout the continent.

{Photos: Proud Mary + skinny laminx}

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