Scarf Time by LemLem

Dear all - have I told you about my addiction to scarves? I honestly can't remember when it started, but now I have to dig behind scarves to find my daily clothes. Even today, I found myself gravitating to a new scarf and had to pull myself back. I always have an scarf handy no matter what season it is and I'm so bad, I even find that I have scarves that I have yet to wear! While the reality is that I need another Ethiopian scarf as much as I need another strand of hair on my head (I already have six), the sad truth is that I really really want one of these fun LemLem scarves handmade in Ethiopia....

Aren't they gorgeous? I've loved LemLem designs for a while, and honestly, they keep getting better!

{Photos: LemLem}

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3pieceonline said...

timidly raising my hand I too am a scarf addict and I don't want any help. These are so cute.