Welcome Back

Welcome to a whole new week here on Out & About Africa. This weekend was just what I needed, full of rest, rest and a little more rest. There was also a trip to my favorite D.C. park, Meridian Park plus a major musical trip to Spain and Latin America via NPR Alt.Latino. They provide an amazing glance into all kinds of ridiculously cool music coming from the Spanish speaking world. The best was all the 1980s Latino beats which I'm slightly obsessed with, but there is also so much more!

But let's look forward! In addition to a whole new week of posts here, there are also two fun things happening for me this week. First, I get to cross another milestone with a birthday coming up in 2 days. Second, I will be heading down to Mexico for a friend's wedding! Not only am I excited about her big day, but I haven't been to Mexico in years nor have I ever been to Cancun. I'm always up for a new place, especially when I get to hang out with a bunch of friends who are also coming down for the wedding.

Anything exciting coming up for you this week?

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