Enninful Does Mulberry

To wrap up my round up of "fashion related stuff that I have written about before but it's been too long," I wanted to end the day with the amazing Mulberry 2011 The Secret Garden Collection that was styled by Edward Enninful (who I first wrote about here). Obviously this is a little bit of a tease considering the weather many of us are currently dealing with, but the campaign is beautiful nonetheless.

I love the behind-the-scenes images of the campaign including this one of Enninful with the models in the shooting of the second image here....

Oh and just in case you missed it amongst the sea of flowers, look at those ridiculously amazing handbags!!! It's been over 2 1/2 months since I got a new bag so my shoulder is literally dying for something at this level of fabulousness! The Tillie Tote or the Oversized Alexa would be just about right!

{Photos: Mulberry, Meet Obsession, Fashionologie, Harpeer's Bazaar, Maxim Fashion Agents}

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