My Holga

Last October, a friend got me my first Holga camera and while it took me forever to pull my act together, I finally picked up film, took a few snaps and got them developed. As my first roll, I had a lot of "lessons learned" including a ton of light leakages resulting in only half of my shots really coming through. Then there was the shot in which I was so excited I forgot to take the lens cap off, and the one where the back of the camera popped open for a second resulting in me now having 2 rubber bands holding the camera together "just in case." I also had no clue about how light or dark the images would come out and kinda just snapped away willy nilly.

Mishaps, pure ignorance and silliness notwithstanding, here is one of the shots that I did take that I enjoy. While I wish it was a bit lighter, the laughter captured makes me smile every time. I can't wait to see what becomes of my next roll of film!

{Photo: Brandie}


Anonymous said...

That pic came out great. I thought I was the only one who messes up at photography. But even when I mess up it's still lots of fun!

Brandie said...

Thanks and don't you worry! I MESS up plenty when it comes to photography! and it's one thing to mess up with digital where you can just delete the picture but with film each goof up not only takes weeks to discover (i.e. you gotta wait for the roll to be developed), but feels extra painful given that you can't get the moment back to better capture it! but it's so fun I wouldn't trade it for all perfect shots! :D