Through the Lens: Louis Majanja

As many times as I passed through Nairobi while living in East Africa, leisurely strolls through the streets to really get to know the city was never part of my routine. When I did walk around, I was always with someone and had a very specific "destination" to be. As a result, I feel I definitely missed getting to know so much of the city. Fortunately for those of us who may never get to hang out in Nairobi as intimately as a local, Kenya photographer Louis Majanja provides a daily street view of this city allowing us to see the daily lives, joys, and struggles of these citizens. You can see more of his work on his tumblr Daily Struggle as well as read a great interview over at African Digital Art.

{Photos: Louis Majanja on Daily Struggle}


jannek said...

Hi Brandie, thanks so much for sharing all this inspiration from Africa with us! I really like your finds, especially photographers. I lived in Cameroon for a while, and it's so nice to see the creativity and wonderful things from east and west africa! xo janneke

Brandie said...

Hi Janneke - thanks so much for you comment! I'm so glad you enjoy the site.

louis said...

Hi googled myslef and this came up - thanks for the props