Sounds of Africa: Sissoko & Segal

After what feels like a gazillion hours of traveling, I'm finally home! After so many weeks away, walking into my apartment felt a little bit like going into foreign territory. But before I can really settle in, I'm actually heading off again - this time for a few days of vacation in the sunny state of Florida hanging out with both family and friends. It has only just hit me just how much of a "time-off" my body and mind are craving, so I'll be tuning out as much as possible next week. There will be a few blog posts sprinkled throughout the next week, but I'll be back on a to regular posting on the 16th.

However, before I head off to sandier shores, I want to leave with you the music of kora player Ballake Sissoko from Mali and cellist Vincent Segal from France. This is a musical combination that I would not have instantly thought about, but once I heard it, it made perfect sense. the two artists have a wonderful short session here that you can enjoy or a longer session here on NPR.

{Photo: wend}

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