Tuesday's Design: Suno in Lamu

So last week I literally could not decide which of these homes to feature! After MUCH deliberation, I saved this set for today and well...you already saw the stunner that was last week's feature. This time, I'm sticking to the Kenyan coast - specifically Lamu.

As you know, I'm particularly obsessed with the label SUNO and here are two things I only recently learned. First, Max's (as in Max Osterweis the founder who I may as well be on first name basis with) mom's name is Suno Kay Osterweis....ummm, I wonder where he got his brand name from?!? Second, said mama has an AMAZING home in Lamu, Kenya (yup, same place we all pick up all those lovely kangas, but Max stands out in making those kangas into a business that could afford a home like this)!

Obviously the fact that there seems to be NO line between inside and outside really makes this place oh-so-worthy in my book!

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Anonymous said...

I could so call this place home.