NYC....the Activities

By far my biggest activity was just walking around the city! I can’t even calculate the number of miles I clocked in the days that I was there, but the weather was so perfect that there wasn't a single cell in my body that wanted to be cramped in a subway car or bus seat. In between all those miles, here are a few fun things that I got up to that I could do over and over again:

  1. Sailing along the Hudson
  2. Strolling the High Line
  3. Beautiful flowers at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

In addition, there was a little shopping and exploring of new neighborhoods such as Fort Greene and Boerum Hills in Brooklyn.

But....by far by far....my favorite activity in NYC was just hanging out with my friends! It’s one thing to talk to someone regularly via phone or instant message, but it’s the face-to-face time that maintains the foundation under those relationships that I value the most! While my time with everyone was limited at best, just those moments catching up, laughing over something silly, eating out hearts out, sipping more wine than advisable or strolling the streets together made my time in New York exactly what I needed it to be....special!

So with that said and done....I’m putting my wallet on hiatus and staying low key this weekend! Hope you have something fun lined up and I can’t wait to catch up with you next week and share more from that creative continent we all love!

{Photos: Tom Turner, High Line via Laverrue, Brandie for Out & About Africa}

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