NYC...the Food

Ok, to be honest I’ve never literally “eaten” my way through a city before, but this was New York and there was absolutely too much good food and drinks that my palate was begging me to eat. By the end of each night in the city, one could literally topple me and just roll me along. Here are a few highlights of the goodness that I treated my mouth to:

  1. Amazing Grilled Salmon at the The Red Cat

  2. Mac & Cheese and basically everything at the Red Rooster

  3. Hazelnut and Pistachio gelato from Grom

  4. More than one yummy beer at the Radegast Hall and Biergarten

  5. Haddock with fava beans and herbs at Diner

Cute cafe stops included The Outpost, K-dog and Dunebuggy Cafe, and Tellie’s of Brooklyn.

{Photos: Grom, Harlem Bespoke, Radegast Hall and Biergarten, The Red Cat, Diner}

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