Just Dance: Sofia Boutella

I'm going to let you in on a small secret of mine - some mornings when I'm running or on a long ride on my bike, I like to pretend that I'm some super strong athlete. I have visions of winning the Boston marathon or having Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador (dope charges notwithstanding) eating my dust! Of course - this is all pretty hilarious and even I find myself bursting into laughter at my own silly thoughts considering the light years between my current athletic capacity and those of real athletes.

Nevertheless, I continue to always find myself inspired by athletes so it goes without saying that I fell hook, line, and sinker for the new Nike Women campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz. How could you not be inspired by a bunch of women not only beautiful, but made even more stunning by bodies that scream "I can sooo kick your butt from Sunday to Sunday!" One of the women featured is Algerian dancer Sofia Boutella. What this woman does with her body goes beyond athleticism and merges into pure art and beauty. In addition to seeing are all over Nike world, you can see her busting a move in multiple music videos including the lead role in the Michael Jackson Hollywood tonight video.

{Photos: Annie Leibovitz for Nike via BKRW Sport + Abmuku}

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