Team Rwanda

Last week I was sitting in a friend's apartment, flipping through the New Yorker when I came across this photograph (top). Before I even started reading the article by Philip Gourevitch I got my friend to email me the picture because I just knew I had to share it with you. Dominic Nahr constantly shoots stunning images from throughout the continent, and this collection is no exception. Like those in the top league of photography, Nahr took his share of face-planting off motorcycles in order to capture the cycling Team Rwanda during the Tour of Rwanda.

The images stood out to me not only because of their beauty, but because of everything it captures! As someone who is steadily growing in her love for riding (jump on a bike, it's so addictive), the picture not only captures the sport perfectly, it captures it in an environment where it is most needed. That villagers all over Rwanda have a team to cheer for (yes, one of the team members will even be representing Rwanda at next year's Olympics), that the Tour of Rwanda is an internationally recognized event, that their are enough sponsors and dedicated staff willing to train these riders to reach their highest potential - well, what can I say....the world is as it should be!

{Photograph: Dominic Nahr/Magnum for New Yorker}

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