Summer Highlights

Can you even begin to wrap your head around the idea that summer is over (ok, just about to start for some of you in the southern hemisphere)! It's been another laid back summer for me with a few highlights but more simple, laid back moments that really symbolize what summer means for me. Some of the highlights definitely included: (1) my trip to NYC at the start of the summer; (2) this Modalu bag which has literally become my personal "IT" bag! I seriously can barely remember the last time I left home without it and that says a lot considering I have more than one bag (ok, mild understatement)! (3) My new Specialized bike felt like a long process in the making (between figuring out that I had outgrown my hybrid and then finally deciding between a million fabulous rode bikes), but so unbelievably worth it! I'm literally giddy every time I get on this bike. (4) Did I already tell you about going camping this summer? It was only for one night, but a friend and I drove out to the beach on one of the hottest days of the summer (remember those days when they advised people to stay indoors?!?) and I literally had a blast! I love everything about camping from the complete darkness and quiet of the night that reminds me so much of my time in Sudan, to the sleeping bag and tents and of course knowing that the beach is literally just seconds away!
In addition to all this goodness, summer could not be complete without summer movies in the park, leisurely brunches on shaded patios, Harry Potter, long runs on the National Mall and oh yeah...I dyed my hair a very dark shade of honey-blonde! It's so fun (minus the having to get my hair touched-up ever 5 seconds)! Plus, the heat got to our politicians and they lost their marbles (nope, still haven't gained it back yet); I survived a "hurricane" (code name: Irene) and an earthquake all in the same week; and even squeezed in some reggae dancing with friends (yeah - dancing around my apt with the music on full blast isn't quite the same as going to "da club")!! There were new engagements of friends, new (and old) babies to coo at, and new businesses to support (hint: Dana Olivo Photography for those in the Boston area)!

While I'm sad that another summer has come and gone (admit it, you too will miss the endless sweat from every pore party), I CANNOT WAIT for autumn which is hands-down the best season. I have some fun things and adventures lined up over the next few months that I look forward to sharing with you!

So as we kiss summer goodbye, what were some of your favorite summer moments?
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