When in Cape Town, it doesn't take long to figure out that if you want a good cup of coffee Vida e Caffè is the place to go! This South African coffeehouse chain is everywhere and really does sell the good stuff (this from a dedicated tea drinker)! Based on Portuguese coffee shops, walking into any of the Vida e Caffè shops is like being transported to Portugal and it's many former colonies with wonderful music always playing making sure you are shaking your hips by the time you get to the counter.

BUT...this post isn't about the coffee, nor the chain, but instead about the fabulous little magazine that the chain puts out called Obrigado! It's a way of the chain saying "thank you" (hence "obrigado") to their customers while actively engaging those same customers in the creation of each issue of the magazine which features South Africans musicians, photographers, artists and more.

The magazine makes every visit to Vida e Caffè that much more special!

{Photos: Obrigado Magazine and Facebook page, Messy Perfection, Jade Klara}

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