Love from AD España

This weekend I did one of my most favorite things! I picked up a copy of AD España (hands down my favorite decor magazine), came home and with a cup of tea, very slowly went through the pages, literally drooling! This is usually a luxury (reading foreign design magazines) that I only allow myself to indulge in when I'm abroad and a million hour plane ride requires some pretty distractions, but after the week I'd had, such a treat was needed NOW. As always, I started by reading the note from the editor, Montse Cuesta. Not only does she just oooze Spanish-ness, but I love the opportunity to read something in Spanish, a language I lose more of everyday.

By the time I reach the end of the magazine, I have determined all the articles that I'm going to go back and read through (with my spanish dictionary by my side), plus all the pages that will eventually make it to my inspiration board. I will also have found myself looking at one-way tickets back to Madrid and browsed through ads for apartments in Madrid or Barcelona. I would have reminisced about living in that country oh so long ago and would have lived full fantasies of spending at least another few years there. Seriously, what single magazine does so much for you?!?

Anywho, let's take a quick look at three ways my favorite magazine features homes with a little African influence. Image one is just amazing! Of all the things people like to do with animals sculptures, this giraffe craning into such a sleek living room is just phenomenal! Image two brings a little Senufo stool action to this minimalist, yet somehow cozy room. Image five offers up a hot pink Moroccan pouf and colorful Moroccan rug.  As for images three, four, and six - well, those were just too fun not to share with you!

{Photos: AD España via Vintage and Chic}

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