Missing Link's Office

So here's the deal. When I go to work, I actually have to take an elevator to get between the various floors that my company occupies. Our daily "treat" is a "fancy" coffee machine and once a month there is cake and ice cream (keep in mind that I rarely drink coffee and "cake and ice cream" are at best my sworn enemies). I have a regular big brown desk and to spice up my office, I actually took in an old Ikea lounge chair which everyone wants to relax in when they come into my office.

All of this really is perfectly normal in the grand scheme of workforce America, but then I saw the Missing Link office in South Africa and well, I couldn't help but feel a bit of envy.  There is a slide and fire pole to go between floors and someone has a desk that had a previous life as a tub! Are you kidding me?!? This isn't to say that I think I could actually function in such a space, aesthetically speaking, without dialing things back at least 50%, but what I love most is the explosion of creativity that clearly came from everyone on their team to make this work space so fun and unique.

Could you work in an office like this? What is your current work environment like and what would you love to add to make office more enjoyable?

{Photos: Visi}

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