On Travel: San Telmo

Today, I'm going to take you along with me to the San Telmo flea market in Buenos Aires. Held every Sunday, this place is a colorful explosion of so much stuff that goes on for block after endless block!

I got dropped off at a mid-point, and started just walking and walking, slowly absorbing everything coming at me from colorful masks, to books, to textiles, t-shirts, all-things Malfalda*, food vendors, art on every type of canvas imaginable including the sides of buildings and tourists of all shades speaking every sorta language you can think of (needless to say I was psyched to bump into some South African tourists).

We herded together on the hottest day of my trip, taking in the tango music blasting from cd-players as vendors tried to sell those, had mini aircon escapes into the various antique stores that line the street and at the moment when you couldn't take anymore, there were tons of restaurants to stop and chillax for a bit.

One of my favorite moments was getting to hear some like tango performed by this 9-piece group who were fantastic! They basically took over one of the little alleys and jammed the afternoon away!
They were quite a serious bunch (tango clearly not being a laughing matter) so I was quite happy to see the piano player let a quick smile cross this face!

While absolutely exhausting, this market is a MUST see while in Buenos Aires!

*Mafalda is a comic strip that's extremely popular drawn by cartoonist JoaquĆ­n Salvador Lavado (aka Quino)

{Photos: Brandie for Out & About Africa}

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