Shaka Maidoh & Sam Lambert

So recently I've had my eye on male-stuff. Not only reading more blogs by dudes, but I've recently found myself enjoying stuff like GQ magazine! It's pretty simple, these sites provide a hilarious, entertaining, unfussy view from the other half. In addition, they provide a little glimpse of how there is indeed hope for the other half in terms of fashion (I lost hope long ago when I moved to D.C. as this is NOT a city where  generally men are inclined toward establishing an individual style).

Sam Lambert and his bestie Shaka Maidoh (London-based by way of the motherland) really see to exemplify "personal" style in every item they choose to wear. Picking up skills from his father, who like many African men was a tailor, Lambert often refits/restyles purchased goods to make his own look. That he use to work for fellow African designer Ozwald Boateng only adds to his mad skills!

While these aren't necessarily the guys you want advice from when trying to scale a mountain or want something that wicks your sweat away (this is wear D.C. dudes excel given that brands like Marmot, North Face, and Patagonia are their version of Savile Row), for everyday urban, yet sophiscated and personal....these guys know what they are doing and I love it!

For more check out this interview that The Sartorialist recently did with Sam Lambert!

{Photos: The Sartorialist, The Styleograph, Streetfsn, Monsieur Got Style}

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