On Travel: Photo Decisions

I look at so many pictures via the various photo blogs that I follow and I often times completely forget that for each picture that I see and love, there were probably a million decisions that went into the making of that picture. From deciding to capture the image in the first place all the way down to how to share it with the likes of me. I easily forget all these steps until it's time for me to post some of my own pictures and then I begin to appreciate to job of photo editors!

While in Manila, I was often intrigued by the architecture and got in a few snaps during the most random moments (i.e while dashing out of a meeting or sitting in a cab and ridiculous traffic). But at the final hour (i.e. posting to share with you), I can't figure out which version I like more.

What's your favorite version?

{Photos: Brandie Tendai}


kalakuta27 said...

the second! - the vividness of the colour lends an awesome abstractness. all of your photos from your trips are so inspiring. they have me itching to pack my bags and fly off some place :)

kelly jo said...

the second. i like the blues in it.