'Come Home'

‘COME HOME!!!’ is the common plea from a friend back in the States and on homesick days like the one I’m experiencing today, reading this [it usually comes across during daily g-chat conversations] makes me want to pack my backpack and just jump on all the flights necessary to get me home.

Anyway, I’m going back to the States sometime in June (dates aren’t fixed yet) and below are a few of the things I’m most looking forward to:

- FOOD: While living in New York, I became a serious foodie! Here are the highlights of what I’m looking forward to:
* Won Dee II – Best Thai on the West Side
* Magnolia – Best macadamia cheesecake and cupcakes worth standing in the line for.
*Arepas – Venezuelan hole in the wall. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.
* 7 A – Best little find by me and Alicia and there is a California Burger just waiting for me!
* Ciao Bella – Hazelnut gelato in Grand Central Station and also available at Whole Foods
* Rice Bread – my aunt’s specialty and it’s even better because she always makes an extra tray just for me and I never have to share unless I really want to!
* Jollof Rice – my mom’s specialty although my sister has put her stamp on it so either way I can’t loose!
* Chana Batura – simple yet my favorite Indian dish.
* Smorgas - because I love their waffles with cloudberry sauce!
* Buttercup - because as Raiche says "we love the red velvet with the homemade cream cheese icing because it's not too sweet and sugary"

- PEOPLE: While I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in my family and friends from far and wide, here are a few peeps who I’ve actually DREAMED of seeing again:
* My mom – this kinda goes without saying but I’m putting it out there anyway.
* Uzo – sister, second-mother, best friend, therapist, career coach and everything else wrapped up in one person. So Uzo please put your man, mother, friends, soro-sistas, job and everyone else on HIGH ALERT that I’m coming!
* Yvette – someone that may as well be a sister
* Dana – I’m answering your plea (even if only temporarily)
* Raiche – I’m SOO looking forward to eating my way around NYC with you…
* Chris – duh! ☺

- PLACES: Besides all the pleasures that come with just BEING in New York city, I’m really excited about these specific places:
* Central Park – Laying in the grass and doing a whole lot of nothing with Raiche
* 44B – Since I don't have a home of my very own, I adopt Uzo's while I'm in the land of the free
* Washington, D.C. – Basically this is like going home cause I love this city so much and constantly miss the little life I made for myself there a few years ago. Other highlights: Cruising the city with Yvette. The Diner for breakfast. Hot chocolate in a ridiculously huge mug at Tryst. Dupont Circle movie theater. Bread basket at Cosi's.
* Museums, art galleries, theaters, shops and all other places that hold cultural and/or beautiful expressions of art and creativity.
* Blue Bag – my favorite bag shop. Considering my status as a bag-o-holic this could be VERY dangerous!
*New England – I’ve loved this area of the country since I first lived there 18 years ago and just kept going back whether for vacation or college. I basically find any excuse and now with Dana up there it all makes it so much easier. In addition, I may also get to go to one of my favorite cities - Portland, Maine!
*Bookstores so I can stock up for my next adventure.
*Aunty Corann’s – no trip home is complete without passing through the family hub!

I know I'm forgetting so much but this is just a taste of what I'm missing right now....anyway, back to the realities of living in a hut!

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