Compound Living

I realized that many may not know exactly what the place I'm currently living really looks like since I don't really talk that much about it. Below are some pics:
Rm #2 - Yup this little tukul is where I spend my nights. Sometimes my super dog is with me but most of the time he hangs out outside where it is much cooler and he can easily escape to visit his babies mama! I have a full size bed, but while it looks normal, sleeping on it is a different story. The middle part of the mattress is basically a crater so my usually tossing and turning is more like sinking and climbing. I sink into the crater and in the middle of the night I climb the the hard edges. It is an exhausting challenge!

We have our own borehole on the compound, situated one tukul away from mine and most mornings I wait up to the clank-clank-clanking of someone working away to fill the shower tanks or neighbors getting water.
The dining room. Almost everyone eats out under the tree.

The interior of the dining room. Don't let the fridge fool you, it is rarely on since we don't have enough power.
The garage/ motorbike shed
The office block...My desk with my previously white Mac.

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