Was I Really There?

Some days I find it difficult to remember or believe that I lived in Sudan for 2 years. It is only when someone asks me about where I was before I started me recent job or what I did after graduate school do I find myself reliving the fact that I did indeed spend a lot of time in a country I knew nothing about before I got there. While I can say that I know more about the people and the country now than I did back in 2004, Sudan is still a complex mystery to me. Even though I don't foresee myself going back there to live again, both of my experiences there (Nimule 2004-2005; Kapoeta/Juba 2007-2008), definitely changed me.

Amazing photos by Kristopher Carlson who has captured Toposa people quite beautifully.

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Anonymous said...

This being like the first blog i've read on foreigners experiences in my Sudan, i think i had to clamp my mouth from all the giggling and soon loud laughter it was causing me. seriously though i enjoyed it thouroughly, immmense insight on the experiences expats go through you in particular. otherwise thumbs you survived it all.