Gavin Castleton

I love Music Fridays! I've been listening to such great music recently!

Let's start off with Gavin Castleton and his 'Home' album. I heard of him one morning on my way to work when his song Coffeelocks was my Top Tune of the day. Listening to clips of the rest of the album was really listening to art come through music. The whole album is very well thought out from the first song to the last and everything fits together perfectly. The album tells the story of the relationship between the musician and his ex and starts of with how the met and goes through the relationship to the end, yet still ends hopeful (not in the 'we'll get back together hopeful' but more 'this heffa will NOT be the end of me' kind of hopeful'). There is everything from whimsical pop, funk (his song Stampete is all funk), techno, rap, and whatever other genre out there is all magically thrown into this one album. Check out his website for an awesome remix of "Nothing Compares to You"

Anyway...wish I had time for more about work is calling!

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