Art Gallery: Iba N'Diaye

As the father of Senegalese modernism, Senegalese painter Iba N'Diaye is truly an amazing painter. N'Diaye was born in Senegal but didn't really begin to flex his artist wings until after he had moved to Paris where the incredible jazz scene of the 50s and modernism swept him away. Throughout his work, he was quite steadfast about not being boxed in by ideas of "African" art. He once said: "Certain Europeans, seeking exotic thrills, expect me to serve them folklore, I refuse to do it — otherwise I would exist only as a function of their segregationist ideas of the African artist.” Yet he was continuously inspired by his homeland and spent most of his life traveling between France and Senegal trying to feed both parts of himself...

Anyway...these are two of my favorite pieces by N'Diaye, especially this one below which would also go beautifully in my apartment!

So what's your take?

{Photos from African Success and Art Speak Africa}

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