My Dining Room

So I can't tell you how long this space in my apartment has been sad and dull! I don't have a formal dining area, instead I have an extra large kitchen with this space. It started with the grey walls which I painted forever ago. I then picked up these replica Saarinen tulip chairs at my favorite vintage store and literally couldn't stop looking at them. Once I got the chairs, I found myself in a bit of a dilemma - I could not for the life of me find the "right" table. I initially thought of getting the matching tulip table but at over 47" it was way too large for my space. The more I thought about what would work for me (and the space) the more I realized I wanted something square. I love the play of the curvaceous chairs against the straight lines of a square table. This very basic table from Ikea did the trick as a good starting point (yes, it will have another life with at least one cover of paint and potentially some stencil). A piece of fabric that I picked up in Mozambique that I love added a bit of texture to the space. The frame had a sad start as a dull brown thing with an ugly painting but a coat of crisp white paint gave it new life. A good friend of mine went to Paper Source yesterday and picked up this beautiful print which really ties in the pink from the entryway. A little glue to the back of the ugly painting and the print really adds a new life to the space. The final step was to have dinner and it's amazing how nice it feels to have a designated space for eating (rather than at my desk, or on the bed, floor, or couch).

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Liz said...

Omg! That looks gorgeous! Love love love the white, brown-gray, turquoise, pink and gold. What a great combo of color, pattern and shape.