Art Scene: Salia Nï Seydou

Do you love to dance? I absolutely love dancing! When I'm feeling down and out, stepping to a great dance tune leads to the fastest recovery. When something great happens, my first instinct is to bust a move. I will even admit that when I'm having a crappy day at work, I'll close the door to my office, crank up a tune and just start dancing (luckily my office mates are just as insane so it's turns out to be super fun). Just dancing for 2 minutes in the middle of the day can make all the difference in the world to me. Honestly, in one of my next lives, I'm totally going to come back as a professional dancer!

As write all of this by way of introduction to Salia Nï Seydou. This dance company started 15 years ago in Burkina Faso when dancers Salia Sanou and Seydou Boro met in Drama school in Ouagadougou. Combining their love for drama, cinema and dance, this duo has provided a new expression of African dance which combines the meaning and emotion found in modern dance with the aesthetics found in traditional African dance. They have established the Center for Choreographic Development in Ouagadougou dedicated to all-African choreographic training and cultural exchange. Even though the company is based in Paris and tours heavily throughout France, the constant exchange between the two countries keeps things fresh.

Just looking at these images and the videos got me digging around the D.C. area for dance studios. I just totally need to make some adjustments in my schedule to be able to take a class!

So taking it back to where I started...do you love to dance? Where do you go dancing in your city/town/village?

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