Sounds of Africa: Sam & Ruby

Man...I'm so glad today is Friday! Despite having Wednesday off, it's been a hectic week full of conferences and meetings after meetings. This is certainly a town that loves to do a whole lot of talking! It also hasn't helped that my head just hasn't been in the game at all so needless to say I'm looking forward to a few days off.

These days, it feels rare when I have the feeling of wanting to listen to something sweet and laid back. Ok, let's rephrase that. I'm the queen of laid back, but there are few times I listen to stuff that one would put under a "sweet" category. And yet....I have this song chillin' in my youtube rotation and it's been there for quite a while.

I can't really explain why. The song isn't earth shaking, yet I feel like it doesn't need to be in order to do it's trick. In fact, the entire album of Sam & Ruby The Here and The Now is that way. Yet it remains catchy enough to keep me coming back which I like. The story of this duo is also interesting. How in the world does a guy from Green Bay, Wisconsin musically hook up with a Ghanian girl?!? I guess it's all about finding a commonality in a shared love for music and being able to complement each others skills very well which this couple does to their great advantage.

Ruby Amanfu, migrated to the U.S. as a young child with her family and grew up in a very Christian home in Nashville where it was basically gospel music or bust. She eventually found the likes of Madonna and clearly that was all she wrote. She headed to Berklee to study music but fell prey to the whole "why just study music when I can be making music" genre and eventually went back to Nashville where she began a solo career.

Being in Nashville, you can bet your dollar that their album has a bit of country and folk in it, but it greatly blends in R&B and Pop. One of my other favorite songs on the album is Chillin' which is just like the title of the song suggests. This is totally the laying in the grass, feeling the breeze and watching the clouds go by kinda music. To here more of their album, definitely check them out on both iTunes and Amazon!

Well, I'm off for another weekend. Have a good one!

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