It's a Wrap

Wow - what an amazing week here in Washington, DC! Shacking snow records; coming up with snocabulary words and phases including some of my favorites: snoverkill, s'now joke, s'nomas por favor and basically anything you can put "sno" in front of; and actually being "snowed in" even though I was still able to crawl my way to the gym and to the bar! The whole experience actually give me even more respect for people who work from home all the time! BUT....I have to admit that I'm getting use to this whole "winter" business. Sure it's taken me 20 years more or less, but it isn't so bad and since I have no plans to move to anywhere warm anytime soon...I may as well learn to enjoy this season, right?

In case you missed anything here this week, here's a quick summary:

On Monday I just had to start with SnOMG but I went back to the topic at hand and wrote Through the Lens with Rotimi Fani-Kayode and that one shot so amazing it stood alone on Flickr Finds Africa. Tuesday started with a little Design Inspiration and was followed by my love of mosquito nets on Tuesday's Design. There was more fashion inspiration for Joburg Fashion week and then an awesome interview with Fri on Let's Talk. Art Scene on Thursday was all about portraits by painter Mustafa Maluka and the week ended with a healthy serving of Sade on Sounds of Africa.

When I wasn't hanging out with you here, I found time to be amazed by of a whole bunch of other stuff including:
  • The kitchen in this tiny New York City apartment had me floored. This is so my kind of hole in the wall!
  • Amazing shots of musicians by photographer Kevan Christine.
  • There was a whole lot of blog loving coming from Blog It Forward thanks to the massive efforts of Victoria over at SFGirlByBay. I have a nice little selection of new blogs on my feed thanks to this little movement.
  • As if Sade coming out with a new album isn't a party in and of itself, Nneka (who you know I love) made her U.S. television debut on the David Letterman Show.
In other news, the Winter Olympics 2010 starts tomorrow! Honestly, I'm more of a Summer Olympics kinda girl but with my new found "winter isn't the worse thing short of hell" feeling, I'm thinking I might just give these games a try. I can harder wrap my head around the concept of hurdling your body, head first, down an icy mountain (skeleton) or doing even an 1/8 of all the tricks skiers, snowboarders and ice skaters are able to do in the air but the fact that these athletes are brave (or insane) enough to do half this stuff is truly amazing to me! I will definitely be looking into ski jumping, snowboarding, speed skating and skeleton just because that's the most insane thing I've ever heard! So are you going to be watching the games? What events will you be on the lookout for?

:: Have a GREAT weekend ::

P.S. I'll be back with you next Tuesday (long weekend here in the U.S.).
{Photo: Sigur-Ros}

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