Sounds of Africa: Corneille

I'd like to end this week with a little R&B from German-Born, Rwandan artist Corneille. Born in Germany back in 1977, Cornelius Nyungura, eventually moved back to Rwanda with his parents where he grew up jamming to soul music coming from the U.S. that his dad introduced him to. Fast-forward a few years to a few years later when the genocide led to the death of his parents and many other family members. Managing to escape to Germany and eventually Canada, Corneille decided to focus on his music which he has used to heal his pain and allowed him to focus on the good memories of his past. Here is a little listen to one of his songs sung in French that I like....

You can pick up his most recent US debut album The Birth of Cornelius both on Amazon and iTunes. Great tunes include Murder, and I'll Never Call You Home Again (a beautifully honest song about his native land).

{Photos: Ettoruccio Photography}

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