Through the Lens: Luís Basto

Hi there! Welcome to a whole new week here on Out & About Africa! How was your weekend? Mine was a little tough since I was battling a cold. It was a brutal fight and included me spending the majority of Friday curled up on the couch in full defeat, but with a whole lot of sleep, I have managed to turn the tides to my favor; one more nasal decongestion dosage and victory will be on the horizon!

While fighting my cold, I also got to hang out with a friend who came to visit from NYC. It's always so wonderful to have visitors and this was no exception. Between hanging out and getting to see DC through her new-to-the-city eyes it was a great time. I even managed to try out a new zucchini bread recipe which turned out delicious!!

Anyway, back to the focus of the day: Photography! Today's Through the Lens is all about Mozambican photographer Luís Basto . Aren't these images amazing? I just love this image of the kid very seriously posed overlooked the ocean and then you see the other kid doing a completely goofy backward jump! It's great. I also love the intensity of the second picture with everyone so focused on what looks to be a dhow race!

{Photos: artafrica}

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