Flickr Finds Africa: Week 11.1.10

The weekend has come and gone in a blur and all the running around and last minute loose ends to tie up at work in preparation for my upcoming trip means I'm not as rested and relaxed as I generally prefer to be after a weekend. Despite that, the fact remains that in a matter of hours, I'll be boarding a plan for another adventure in Iraq. This time heading up to a whole new area of the country that I've never been to and meeting more staff members whose names I've only been familiar with via email.

As I have to dash off again, today's Flickr Finds Africa post is short, but clearly this amazing image of an Eritrean child as captured by Heidi Augestad is worthy of a serious look! In addition to the photos of Eritrea, her images from Norway are among my favorites....

{Photo: Kemela}

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