15 Minute Paintings...

It's been quite some time since I last wrote about South African artist Neville Trickett of Saint Verde Digest, but I recently checked out the site again and fell in love with this painting. Neville gives himself only 15 minutes to produce the beautiful paintings on his site! I can barely wash my dishes in 15 minutes let alone making such wonderful art!! Ok, I think I can pull together a simple bouquet of flowers for my coffee table in 15 minutes....with "simple" being the most important word!

What's the most creative thing you have done in 15 minutes??

(Photo: Saint Verde Digest via SFgirlbybay}

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Ms. None said...

That's an interesting question but the only thing I could come up with that is (sometimes) creative and I can do in fifteen minutes is get dressed. I really thought about it and I also realized that any creative work I do I enjoy so much that I would be really disappointed if it only took fifteen minutes.