Through the Lens: Nicola do Calzo

I always love it when you can clearly see where someone's heart is geographically located, and for me, there is no doubt that a big part of Italian photographer Nicola do Calzo lies in Africa. Each image captured carries a sense that the artist is really trying to allow his subjects to tell their own story just by using his lens as a window to the rest of us. While I particularly love his series capturing the lives of dwarfs and albinos in Cameroon, do Calzo also has a poignant collection of photographs from Niger, South Africa as well as Nigeria. I also love that most of his work focuses on those who are often marginalized throughout their societies and reminds us that these individuals have amazing and beautiful stories that deserve as much recognition as the wildlife, Maasai, Turkana, and Tuaregs often portrayed in visual images of the continent.

{Photos: Nicola do Calzo}

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